MS (Information Technology)

As today's companies face increasingly important technology and management decisions, demand for IT
professionals with MS degrees is expected to continue to grow. Our Masters in Information Technology is an
innovative, recognized masters program carefully constructed to prepare you for the unique challenges of
today's dynamic information technology leveraged business environment.

The Masters in Information Technology will prepare graduates to apply technology to real world systems
and problems. In addition to learning fundamental business applications, you'll gain specialized skills in
product management and systems administration specific to the IT industry. This combination of
contemporary technical and management knowledge will provide a specialized skill set you will rely on now
and throughout your professional career.

Program Objective

Candidates will learn how to:Learn How to:
  • Lead complex projects from today's information technology perspective.
  • Develop information systems as strategic tools to provide competitive advantage.
  • Quickly adapt to new technologies and the volatile global environment.
  • Effectively identify and implement solutions through key leadership skills.



The Program Duration for MS (IT) will be Two Years comprising of Four Semesters, Students may choose to
take breaks in between subjects/semesters.However ,they are expected to follow a Normative period of four
years i.e Students will have to complete the program within four years from session start date.


Program Structure

Course Code Course Title Credits
MSIT-101 Network Programming (using UNIX) 6
MSIT-102 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 6
MSIT-103 Internetworking Technologies 6
MSIT-104 Software Engineering & Management  6
MSIT-105 Data Warehousing 6
  Total Semester Credits 30

Course Code Course Title Credits
MSIT-106 Pervasive Computing 6
MSIT-107 Multimedia Computing 6
MSIT-108 Software for Embedded Systems 6
MSIT-109 Network Security 6
MSIT-110 Embedded System Design 6
  Total Semester Credits 30

Course Code Course Title Credits
MSIT-111 Advanced Operating Systems 6
MSIT-112 Data mining 6
MSIT-113 Software Architectures 6
MSIT-114 Real Time Systems 6
MSIT-115 Technical Communication 6
  Total Semester Credits 30

Course Code Course Title Credits
MSIT-116 IT Project Management 6
MSIT-117 E-commerce Technologies 6
MSIT-118 Geographic Information Systems 6
MSIT-119 Product Management in IT 6
MSIT-120 Applied Cryptography 6
  Project Work 8
  Total Semester Credits 38

* Total Semester Credits (including Project Report): 128
Fee Structure

Fee Structure Indian Students Overseas Indian Students NRI (holding Foreign passport) / Foreign Students
Total Academic Fees R56000/- R84000/- R84000/-
Registration Fees R500/- R500/- R500/-
Application Processing Fees R500/- R500/- R500/-
Eligibility Fees R0 R0 R10000/-
Online Examination Fee
(Payable at the time of declaration of examination dates)
R2000/- per Semester $200 per Semester
(if appearing at any overseas examination center)
$200 per Semester
(if appearing at any overseas examination center)

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Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a Master's Degree in Information Technology from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore.


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